is an annual party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. This is my third year going and I need a list.
  1. Use sunscreen better.
    I'm never really great at the sunscreen but in the desert its kind of crucial. I'm going to try to carry some with me everywhere.
  2. Drink less.
    The last couple of years I've sat around the pool drinking all day long and eventually it wears you out. I'm going to maybe stick with coffee and soft drinks before 5 and then take it easy afterwards.
  3. Spend less goddamn money.
    Even though it's low season a room at the Ace is $300/night. Day-drinking a dozen $12 cocktails w/tip and 3 squares out of Kings Highway adds up. I want less sticker shock this year at checkout.
  4. Stay somewhere else.
    I love the Ace but it is expensive. Also, having a room to duck into makes me less social. This year I'm staying at the Best Western 2 blocks away, which is cheap as hell, clean and actually pretty nice.
  5. Talk to more different people.
    I have a group of cronies that I hang with, which is great, but after a couple of 16-hour days it gets exhausting. I want to meet more different people early.
  6. Go to town.
    This is the third event and I still haven't been to Cheeky's or done the Gondola or gotten a date shake at Shields.
  7. Run a game.
    I'm really into FATE right now, and I want to run a game. Let's see if I make it happen.
  8. Work out inside.
    Running in the desert is pretty amazing but I get spooked when I start to feel dehydrated halfway through a run. This year, more indoor events.
  9. Take a nap in the late afternoon.
    Should be obvious but I keep forgetting to do it.
  10. Paint my fingernails black.
    It worked out really well last time.
  11. Carry a bag.
  12. Carry water.