I feel like we need to clear the air a little bit, you and I.
  1. I liked your list.
    You did a good job and you should be proud.
  2. It made me think.
    Usually along the lines of, "Are there any other items that would match this category?" Or "Is there any way to take this schtick in a different direction?"
  3. And I thought of something.
    It may be a dumb groaner, or it may be exactly what you're looking for. It may be the exact opposite of what you're looking for, which is part of the joke. It may also be an intentional misunderstanding of what your list is, which I think is really funny.
  4. So I made a suggestion.
    Or 3. Or 6. Sometimes it gets away from me.
  5. It's OK if you don't accept it.
    The fun is mostly in making the suggestion.
  6. No, we don't know each other.
    Except for here.
  7. But I made it anyway.
    If that's overstepping, sorry.
  8. I try not to make suggestions on lists where it's inappropriate.
    Like if you're talking about something really personal.
  9. But sometimes overstepping the line of propriety is where the humor is.
    And I usually try to read your vibe first before doing it.
  10. Yes, I get that having a 1- or 2-item list was kind of the point.
    That's why suggesting another item is kind of funny; it clearly doesn't belong.
  11. Sometimes I make suggestions and erase them.
    Like if I reread and decide something wasn't funny or could come off the wrong way.
  12. Sometimes I don't.
    Maybe when I should.
  13. Thanks for listening.
    And for making great lists!
  14. It's fun to connect this way.
    I don't know if you know this, but you're a pretty cool person. Everyone thinks so.