In general I admire in-depth knowledge but displays of scholarship in these subjects make me slowly back away.
  1. Kardashians
    It's OK to obsess about some other imaginary friends you've never met. You don't have to go for an all-Kardashian diet.
  2. Porn
    Nobody is falling for your dispassionate media critic pose, bro.
  3. College basketball
    The last refuge of the sports addict.
  4. Astrology
    No I do not want my chart done fuck you very much
  5. Sushi
    Not sure why this one bugs me so much.
  6. Pot
    Yes it's nice that you still have some brain cells left but you do realize that shit all tastes like the same burnt sneaker, right?
  7. Social media marketing
  8. Doomsday science
    Suggested by @dev
  9. One Direction's feud
    Suggested by @hannieshit
  10. Effing social media marketing for real
    Suggested by @thetrayway