I'm trying to go for total watchability over a long time. So, good shows with loooooong runs. Only a stupid asshole would take "Firefly" to a desert island.
  1. The Tonight Show
    60 years of 4-nights-a-week laughs. Lots of current events schtick so I'd feel like I was learning something indirectly. Tens of thousands of different people.
  2. Sesame Street
    43 seasons. Five days a week. Hilarious, good characters, deep and weird. I'd have a lot to think about.
  3. The Simpsons
    A relative babe at 25 seasons, but very dense writing. I could probably spend weeks freeze-framing a single episode. I'd also get to see a lot of my pals from The Tonight Show as guest stars. And, y'know, belly laughs.