Inspired by @bjnovak. During the day we'd watch Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and Electric Company. Here's what we'd watch at night.
  1. Lawrence Welk Show
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    It came on before "Hee-Haw".
  2. Hee-Haw
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    I can still sing most of the songs.
  3. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
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    Everything was so goddamned complex and dangerous on this show.
  4. Wonderful World of Disney
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    Man, who DIDN'T have this mustache?
  5. Sanford and Son
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    No idea why.
  6. All in the Family
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    Edith reminds me of my Mom.
  7. Chico and The Man
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    He was Grandpa Joe but also a mean racist drunk. Also Freddy Prince lived in a van inside a garage. So cool.
  8. The Carol Burnett Show
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    *ear wiggle*
  9. The Flip Wilson Show
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  10. Sonny and Cher
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    I got you babe