I've been thinking a lot about psychic phenomena and how people can move things with their minds and I'm increasingly sure that we all have superpowers like 011 in Stranger Things.
  1. Use your mind to make your hand move toward the thing and pick it up and move it to where you want it.
    This is the classic. It only works with certain sized things which are not too big or heavy. If the thing is liquid you may need to make a cup with your hands and carry the thing to where you want it. If it is a gas or vapor you can wave your hand to fan it in the right direction.
  2. Use your mind to make your hand pick up a stick and push the thing where you want it to be.
    Some people feel like using your hand is cheating. In this technique you instead manipulate a part of the physical universe to move things for you. You can use other tools appropriate to the thing you're trying to move like a pitcher or a paper fan.
  3. Use your mind to make your mouth say words to another person to convince them to pick up the thing and move it to where you want it to be.
    This is a mechanism that does not require touching the object directly or with a tool. It does require another person or an animal that understands your words and wants to do what you say. It can be pretty straight forward but you might need to explain a few times exactly what you want moved and where as well as convince your compatriot to comply. You can also write it down or send them a Kik.
  4. Use your mind to direct your body to change the balance of conflicting forces on an object in the right way to make it go to where you want it to go.
    An example: let's say there's a bowling ball on a shelf and you want it to go into a trash can under one end of the shelf. There are conflicting forces on the ball that keep it in place: gravity pulling down, shelf pushing up. If you use your mind to make your hand lift the end of the shelf opposite the trash can (without touching the bowling ball) it will change that balance of forces and make the ball roll downward into the trash can. You can do this with other forces, like magnets.
  5. Use your mind to make your hand or voice direct a machine to move the thing to where you want it to be.
    This could be directly controlled like driving a bulldozer or indirectly like using a remote-control drone. One cool thing is that there are new devices that read electrical signals from your brain and use those to control machines.
  6. Use your mind to make your body emit heat and use that to move the thing to where you want it to be.
    Let's say for example that the thing you want to move is a thimble on top of an ice cube on a table and you want to move it to being right on top of the table. You could move your hand to be on the ice cube until it melts. It's possible to also just do this without touching the cube using the heat radiating off your skin, but it will take longer. You might be able to increase the temperature using biofeedback, and so speed up the process, but probably not by a lot.
  7. Use your mind to control your body's electrical and magnetic fields and use those to move the thing where you want it to be.
    Your body has a lot of electricity and it makes electromagnetic fields. You can train yourself to control those fields using biofeedback, or you could just control them by moving your body around. The fields are pretty small so this is going to work best if you are trying to move tiny iron filings. If you have a Van DeGraff generator you can jack up the electric field significantly and move bits of paper with your hands without touching them.
  8. Wait a long time until the random forces of the universe move the thing into the place where you want it.
    Things move around a lot even if we don't touch them. Wind blows things. Earthquakes or big trucks shake things. The table holding a thing up can get old and break and the thing falls off. If you use your mind to patiently observe as the forces of nature move the thing around, you can claim victory when the thing randomly gets to the place you want it to be. Note that this can take a long time. Also, the thing you are trying to move might fall apart or change a lot while you're waiting.
  9. Change the identity of the thing you are trying to move or the place you're trying to move it to.
    Let's say that you're trying to move the Statue of Liberty to South Dakota with your mind. Note that "Statue of Liberty" is just a name we apply to a bunch of atoms that change from second to second. Consensus reality. So you can change "Statue of Liberty" to mean a bar or a basketball already in SD. Alternately, you could change "South Dakota" to mean Governor's Island. I don't know if you have to convince anyone else of these changes or if it's OK that just you believe it yourself.
  10. Use your mind to imagine that the thing is in the place you want it to be.
    This works best if you have no further input that falsifies your imagined location for an object. For example if you want to move a fork onto the top of a nearby building, put it on the table in front of you, close your eyes, and imagine it's moved. Now, without opening your eyes, get up and leave the room and never come back. Also, don't go to the top of that building. For all you know, the fork is there. This works best if you don't tell anyone what you're trying to do; they'll spoil it.
  11. Reprogram the computer simulation that our reality is running on to change the location of the thing to where you want it to be.
    Many physicists think it's possible, even likely, that we live in a simulated universe. If you can figure out how that simulation works, and hack it, you could change all kinds of characteristics of an object - its size, weight, material, texture, and of course location. This is how Neo moves stuff around in the Matrix movies. Note that reverse engineering reality might be really hard.