Sheeeeyiiiiiiiitttttttt life is crazy right now
  1. My company is in the 500 Startups accelerator right now
  2. Which means I live in SF and think about AI all day long
  3. Our Demo Day is next Friday Oct 30
  4. Meaning that I have to get up in front of 800 investors and give a 2-minute pitch for my company
  5. Did I mention that my company does artificial intelligence? Try whittling that down to a 2-minute pitch
  6. We're also dealing with fundraising, meaning I talk to 3-4 people a day asking them to give me millions of dollars to build smart little robots to run people's businesses for them
  7. It's intense and exciting right now
  8. And the stakes are high
  9. Which makes it a really adrenaline-rushy time
  10. Meanwhile I also am trying to be a long-distance dad to my great kids
  11. I miss them a lot
  12. My son and I made a date to play Pokémon over Skype
  13. Anyway it feels good
  14. Me
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