I'm working through this. I'm petty and unfair. I'm not a good person and I'm sorry.
  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Hillary could have been the first woman president but she lost. She and her campaign team need to accept the blame for that. She had 70% negative polling. Should she have even run? If so, could she have done a better job to overcome those negatives? A lot of voters said they voted for Trump just so she wouldn't get the job. She concentrated on making Trump look bad (he helped a lot) instead of softening the anger against her. Oh and: maybe once go by the spirit of the law, not just the letter.
  2. Bernie Sanders
    After he lost the Democratic primary in California, he delayed his endorsement as leverage to extract platform concessions from the Democratic Party. But that gave a big window with no guidance to his supporters. They stayed angry at Hillary. He was lukewarm in his support of Clinton, and although he campaigned for her he mostly campaigned for himself, with some light criticism of Trump. I'm a Berniecrat and I think that Bernie supporters sitting on the beach may have lost this election.
  3. Barack Obama
    I love Barack Obama and I will tell my great grandkids that I voted for him twice. But Republicans managed to hook onto a strategy in 2008 of 100% obstruction of Obama and it 100% worked. They won the House, then the Senate, and now the Presidency capitalizing on hatred of Obama by a hard kernel of Americans. (That's at least 85% racism, by the way.) It's unfair to be mad at him. But I wish he'd found a formula to defuse this. It was the challenge of his presidency and he failed it.
  4. Data journalists
    Five Thirty Eight, Sam Wang, the New York Times. They published daily strong probabilities for a Hillary Clinton win. In the 70, 80, 90 percents. Is there any wonder that so many Democrats failed to show up at the polls? They were lulled into a sense of false security. They just didn't think it mattered. Nobody educated the public about Bayesian thinking, namely: if there is a 10% chance of something bad happening, but it's a REALLY BAD THING, treat that small possibility very very seriously.
  5. Nonvoters
    This one is infuriating to me. What were you thinking? Democrats and independents failed to come out for Clinton by millions compared to Obama in 2012. Who got out to vote against Mitt Romney in 2012 who felt like Donald Trump was just fine? Not to mention that vote by mail, early voting, and electronic voting were easier this year than ever before. If you sat this one out, you are a bad citizen and you ruined our country. Fuck you.
  6. Trump voters
    You're stupid and you're assholes. You wanted to send a message to the world, and how you did it was to send a sexually-assaulting con man, his nepotistic family, and a pack of second-rate corrupt yes-men to run our country. You were given a character on reality TV and you believed it. You wanted to burn it all down and now it's all going to burn down. 👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo.
  7. Donald Trump
    He didn't even want to be President. He just wanted to be famous. He's like a billionaire race-baiting Pat Paulsen. He never took it seriously. Never did his homework. Never prepared. He just liked walking into a room and getting cheered. And by the time that it got serious he didn't have the guts to say "j/k lol" and get out. Now he has to do a bad job in a position he didn't want and isn't qualified for, and we have to live with it.
  8. The Democratic Party
    In 2008 they had the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. One by one they lost it all. And they never made a compelling case why they should get power back. They acted like Barack Obama could run the country single-handedly. Oh, except the Republicans are blocking him so gridlock so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They suppressed or ignored popular movements like Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Bernie Sanders, then complained about an enthusiasm gap. And they handed a nomination to HRC, with 70% negatives.
  9. Julian Assange
    He let himself and the Wikileaks organization be used by Russia. He compromised what is a crucial whistleblower role by putting it into service of partisan politics. Not only did his groundless accusations do needless damage to the Clinton campaign, but they tarnished Wikileaks permanently. When another hero like Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning makes real sacrifices to expose real wrongdoing, it will be seen through the lens of the election. And that is borderline criminal.
  10. Progressives
    We've acted like the hard-won battles of the last decades, like marriage equality, have been inevitable, due to demographics and technology. We've shut down completely the other side, so we never managed to win the peace. In no way is it ethically required that progressives conciliate with millions of racists, sexists, homophobes. But if we won't talk to them, someone else will; they'll say it's only temporary and promise revenge. David Duke. Alex Jones. Donald Trump. We let this wound fester.
  11. Myself
    I've been complacent and accepting of a progressive strategy that was like playing chess with a queen and no other pieces. When we lost that piece, I was as shocked as anyone. I contributed money to the Sanders and Clinton campaigns, but didn't do any of the legwork needed to make a campaign a success. I am ashamed to tell my kids how little I did as steward of their country.