An exhaustive list
  1. You can never ever wear button-down shirts.
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    You look great in that one and also the one where Kermit is Dr. Who.
  2. You can walk around in wrinkled shirts.
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    It'll hang out as you wear it, right?
  3. You can wear space age polymers that never need to be pressed.
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  4. You can have someone in your house iron your shirts for you, like your wife or your girlfriend or your husband.
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    Romantic partners loooove doing drudge work for helpless babymen. It will bring you together. They will respect your demanding nature and refusal to accept responsibility for you own belongings.
  5. You can take all your shirts to the dry cleaner all the time.
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    You'll develop a great relationship with someone who's taking hundreds of dollars a month from you to do a basic household chore. You should ask if you can bring your dishes in and get them washed too.
  6. You can grow a pair of fucking balls.
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    Ironing board is right there in the closet, bro. Just saying.