1. Alarm clock goes off (7:30am)
  2. Glares at alarm clock (7:30am)
  3. Punches snooze button as if it was Hitler and Evan was Captain America (7:31am)
  4. Repeats said step 3 times.
  5. Finally wakes up. (7:55am)
  6. Lays in bed. (7:55am)
  7. Realizes he must shower. (7:59am)
  8. Stands in shower, trying to wake up. (8am-8:15am)
  9. Actually showers. (8:15am-8:25am)
  10. Makes coffee so he is a human, not a grump. (8:27am-8:32am)
  11. Does other boring morning things, like putting pants on. (8:33am)
  12. Begins day, but wishes that he wasn't addicted to caffeine so that coffee woke him up more. (8:36am)