1. Attempt to not scream certain verbs and adjectives
    These words may not be heard in certain social settings
  2. Punch Your Steering Wheel
    This OBVIOUSLY will help your current situation, not merely make your hand hurt.
  3. Change to Your Spare Tire
    This should obviously be the next step. If one is not sure how to do this, call the most mechanically inclined person you know, or me.
  4. Attempt to Not Scream More Verbs and Adjectives
    At this point, depending on the time of day it is or location (especially evening, or on a busy road), this may be the hardest point of putting on your spare tire. If you are successful in not saying such words or phrases, you deserve a prize.
  5. Go to The Nearest Place that Sells Tires, and Spend $75 on Rubber
    It's exactly what it sounds like.
  6. Repeat the Next Inevitable Time It Happens