What I do while my husband is gone.

I'm pitiful and bad at being alone. I'll be updating this list as the weekend goes on. Add suggestions for me to do!
  1. Drive to my uncles to borrow gardening supplies.
    I'm going to try to tame all this bamboo, then make it a fence.
  2. Eaten TERRIBLE food!
    Like, frozen pasta meal type bad.
  3. Drinking whiskey in bed!
  4. Sleep like garbage....
  5. Work
  6. Making food my husband hates!
    With broccoli AND mushrooms!
  7. Beeeeeeeeeeer!
  8. Covering an ugly fence with bamboo
  9. Made a fire pit!
  10. More beer and a nap!
  11. Painted this thing
  12. Naaaaaaaaaps