1. Static
  2. Accepts my choices and respects my space.
  3. Always talks to me about my problems, always listens, always reminds me of who I am. He's the first person I call in a crisis of any kind.
  4. Will literally drop everything and drive to wherever I am if I'm in a tough spot.
    Car broke down once in central California on my way back from college for winter break and he drove all night to come get us.
  5. If I don't respond to his texts he sends a follow-up text that says "I love you so much daughter!!!" Which can be translated to "ARE U FUCKING STILL ALIVE EVA!?!?!?!!!!" Bc he worries but doesn't want to be invasive and also wants me to know he loves me.
  6. Plays bass like a beast
    He's a fucking amazing musician.
  7. Tells dad jokes. And they're always funny.
  8. My taxes
    I need to learn how to do this eventually but it's so nice that he wants to help.
  9. Smokes hella weed 420
  10. Makes amazing pancakes.
    When I was a child, he'd start with a plate-sized one and then make increasingly small pancakes, half-sized, then quarter-sized until finally he was dropping tiny, perfect, dot-sized pancakes onto my plate with his spatula. I loved eating them and looking at them and watching him flip the tiny ones.
  11. Gets up from the dinner table excitedly to put on an old record
  12. Will come feed my cat if I leave town even though he is inexplicably afraid of him.
  13. Cries
    He's always been a very emotional guy.
  14. Takes care of my mom.
    He is always kind to her and makes her feel loved.
  15. Fixes my computer!
    He always figures it out!
  16. Writes me emails to remind me to check the oil in my car.
    Why he doesn't just text me is unclear.
  17. Leaves voicemails with the date, time and says "hi sweetie this is your papa"
  18. Calls me "va-va" which is the only nickname even remotely possible for the name Eva and it's weird and he's the only one who does it.