Why are we celebrating? Or, existential crisis at the rave

  1. What are we all so happy about that we need to "party" all the time?
    There's a uniquely American pressure to experience "fun" this way and to always be happy. Really, it's more accurate to acknowledge the darkness we all experience rather than just drink it away in some performance of celebration
  2. Living in the moment and hedonism are not the same things and I'm not sure this feels ethical......?
  3. How was "loud late crowded room" established as the same thing as "freedom"
  4. Is everyone in here just depressed and using "fun" as an excuse to get themselves so fucked up that they'll have a reason to stay in bed all day tomorrow which is what they actually just want to do all the time but they need the drugs and alcohol as an excuse to get them there/ a means to quiet their minds?
  5. Funguy buys a bag of coke
    Watching strangers do drugs is gross. Everyone's lives are so small and we all feel so entitled to these acts of overindulgence, myself included I have no grounds to judge him so I won't but I'm grossed out
  6. Recognition that being "tired of parties" is the absolute most firstworldproblem and this makes me guilty on a few levels
  7. All any of us really ever want is to be touched and cared for but everyone is so bad at it.