Very meta. Please feel free to contribute ideas and use as titles for your own lists. P.S. This ListApp has triggered something deep within my soul. Thank you BJ @bjnovak
  1. Reasons why he hasn't texted you back (yet)
  2. Lessons I did not learn in school
  3. 5 sure signs your crush is SPIDERMAN
  4. Bad decisions I make at airports
  5. News articles my grandfather thinks would be of interest to me
  6. Lies I tell my agent
  7. Places I've ended up
    Emotionally and physically
  8. Excuses casting directors have made to reject me
  9. Facts I don't want my uber driver to know about me
  10. Lessons I learned in school
  11. Lessons I did not learn in theatre school
  12. Nightmares I've had
  13. Tips on gaining weight