If I was an agent this would be my criteria for any actress looking to make it in the big leagues
  1. The squint into wind and look up at the sky heroically
  2. The "staring into the eyes of a dying man" single tear drop
  3. The hopeful smile over shoulder look back
    You're a troubled tortured girl who has seen too much but there is light in your eyes so the audience can find hope for your future
  4. The character laugh
    It must be wild, sexy and actually funny all at once
  5. The sexy kiss with no tongue
  6. The innocent "O" face
    "Oh my god my little girl mind could never imagine something so bad would feel so good "
  7. The elegant slip off the dress move and the "do me with respect" bedroom eyes combo
  8. The "I'm so shy" lip bite
    This WILL get you in a multi million dollar franchise no matter what
  9. The trade mark dance floor move
    I have like 37 of these ready to go when the right moment comes
  10. The stressed run
    Run to catch your lover before he gets on the last train, run to find your lost child in a crowd during a political rally, run away from an alien in Times Square, run away from a vampire in a forest.. Just know how to run!! While keeping in time with the dolly.
  11. Blink blink swallow
    For law and order type scenes. "So your father has never laid a hand on you?" Blink blink. Swallow. "No sir."
    Suggested by @thebfg