When they say extra extra large, they MEAN EXTRA EXTRA LARGE! Ladies, hold on to your knickers come July 1st. Because you will. come. on July 1st.
  1. Flushing
  2. The sensation of being on a giant roller coaster
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    A mixture of adrenaline and fear that is somehow enjoyable - and the confusion of all that
  3. Facial expressions I didn't know I had in me
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  4. Sweatiness
    Sweaty palms, sweaty bum, sweaty face.
  5. Heat in my pants
    This goes along with the sweating
  6. Shaky knees
  7. A rush of pure ecstasy
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  8. Quivering heart
  9. Quivering lips
  10. Twitchy hands and feet
    Twitching because of Twitch
  11. Tears
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    Actual tears of overwhelming pleasure.
  12. Sounds I did not know I could make
    "Oooooeeeeeeeughhh HU HUH HO GUH"
  14. A hot swell in my chest for Donald Glover
  15. A deep sadness that all of these men are happily married
  16. A wave of hope that all of these men are happily married
  17. Everything that this guy is feeling --->
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  18. Fucking CATHARSIS