There could still be hope for my high school sweetheart and I, but if not, there's always @Maxim
  1. When at 12 years old he asked me to be his girlfriend only for me to find out two weeks later that it was for a bet.
  2. The hours of phone calls, texting, IM-ing and chatting on Bebo and Facebook we did over our 6 year teenage love affair.
  3. When he made out with all of my friends and I made out with all of his friends but we always knew we were each other's prom dates.
  4. When I had a party at my house on New Year's Eve 2009, he got belligerent so I shouted at him in front of everyone and said, "GET OFF THE PREMISES!"
  5. When he was the captain of the winning team of the All Ireland's field hockey championship and I was really popular and we were really perfect.
  6. When he broke his right arm 3 weeks before our finals and he cried to me because his dreams of becoming a doctor were temporarily fucked.
  7. The first time I got drunk on vodka and he slow danced with me but I ended up kissing his best friend.
  8. When he called me on Valentine's Day, 2004, but I was in the car with my parents and too embarrassed to tell him I liked him back.
  9. When I used to listen to Snow Patrol on repeat and sketch pictures of him in my notebook.
  10. When we finally went to the Irish version of our senior prom together. I asked him to hold on to my €70 for the night in his suit pocket only to find him at the bar an hour later having spent it all.
  11. When he would always ask me for a pencil or something to borrow in class. And I would forever love being needed by him.
  12. How ridiculously tanned and freckled his forearms would get in the summer time.
  13. When I dated a friend of his brothers from the year above us for two years and it drove him crazy.
  14. When his mom walked in on us in the basement..
  15. Our mutual love of Radiohead.
  16. That afternoon he sat in my living room and talked to my Granddad for an hour about the tech world.
  17. How our favorite pizza toppings were the same; pepperoni, green onions and olives.
  18. When we were: "Cian and Eve."
  19. When we went to Benicassim Music Festival in Spain after we graduated and survived a hurricane with 6 of our friends in a two person tent.
  20. The way he was friends with all the teachers, coaches, older students and parents because he had a maturity to him that no other teenage boy I knew had.
  21. How he was kind of mysterious and wouldn't go to all the parties, just maybe one or two, here or there, so I was always kept on my toes to see if he would show up.
  22. The amount of alcohol fueled deep meaningful conversations that occurred when he did show up to the party. It always ended up in an argument and then a crazy make out session, as we were unable to resist the passion and magnetism between our young hearts.
  23. When he came to watch all my school plays and always told me he believed in me.
  24. That night during college when we shouted at each other across the dinner table in front of my long term boyfriend and he told us it was because of our "sexual tension."
  25. New Year's Eve 2008 when my best friend asked me for permission to kiss him on midnight and so I spent the countdown by myself in a pub feeling lost.
  26. How I knew all the teachers and every girl in school wanted to bang him just as badly as I did.
  27. How he really was one of the smartest guys in our year and I was always intimidated by how many books were on his night stand.
  28. That time in Ayia Napa when he broke up with me during a night out so our friends got me wasted and I ended up getting my nipple pierced.
  29. That time in Ayia Napa he didn't remember breaking up with me the night before so as punishment I made him get his nipple pierced.
  30. That time all of our friends were getting nipple piercings in Ayia Napa.
  31. Last summer when he purposefully trashed our guest house and my mum banned him from our house forever.
  32. That summer day I broke up with him in the park outside of his house because I was moving to New York for college and we both knew I was in love with someone else.
  33. The fact that I ignore him now when I go home to Dublin because I'm still pissed at him for trashing my house but would do anything for him if he really needed me.
  34. When we were 16 and thought it was sexy and cool to pose with unlit cigarettes..
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