Ladies, am I RIGHT?
  1. He's on a plane
    The go-to.
  2. He lost his phone in the cab home
    This has happened to a lot of men I know.
  3. He thought it sent but it didn't send
    It's lost in that mysterious space between iMessage and actual text.
  4. He's on a very long transatlantic flight
    It's been three weeks - going somewhere very exotic.
  5. He's in a fight in a bagel shop in London
  6. He wrote you a romantic handwritten letter in response. It's on its way in the mail.
    He's just more traditional, be patient.
  7. He is Spider-Man and is currently saving a small child from a burning building
    For all the Mary-Jane's out there
  8. Someone died
    This is sad and real.
  9. He likes you too much he can't function
  10. He's jerking off to you
    Solid. Everyone wins here.
  11. He dropped his phone in the water and he is currently waiting next to the bag of rice he sunk it into to text you back.
    Suggested by @arandallm