Sometimes I feel so grateful for almond butter I could cry my eyes out in the middle of Brooklyn Harvest. Here are some other things that really get me going..
  1. Gluten-free chicken nuggets
  2. McDonalds chicken nuggets
    I realize these are not gluten-free but I love these chicken nuggets so much I'll eat them for breakfast, lunch & dinner no matter what the consequence. I get the 20 box every time.
  3. My first coffee of the day when I have a really early call time
    Although Steven Soderbergh won't allow me to drink it until I've "earned" it
  4. Jessie Ware
    More specifically that part in Sweet Talk when she sings ".. I'm not about to go-oh "
  5. My parents
    I really love my parents. I want to marry them. They give the best advice, have great taste in restaurants and they really know how to throw a costume party. I wish I was still legally bound to being around them 24/7.
  6. Scented Candles
    If you have ever visited my small apartment in Brooklyn, which none of you have because you're all strangers to me even though I feel at times like you guys understand me more than I understand myself, you will find many little villages of scented candles all over the place. I can't be in a shop with scented candles without buying at least one. Its a problem I'll admit to but never ever feel guilty about.
  7. Cuddles
    With a man who really loves me. Or my teenage brothers.
  8. Sephora
    No matter what measure of self hate is circulating through my brain waves this place just makes me feel beautiful. It makes me want to go home, light all of my scented candles and fucking moisturize. I could enter this store feeling like a spotty old cow and exit with a bag of loofahs thinking i'm Eva Longoria. Total. Effing. Bliss.
  9. Distinctive laughs
    While I'm a silent laugher myself I really appreciate a woman with a good cackle.
  10. The Whole Foods food bar when I'm really hungry and desperate
  11. Getting over it
    Really caring about something and then just realizing you shouldn't have cared that much in the first place. It's relief like you've just had a deep tissue massage on your soul.
  12. Messy buns & big hoop earrings
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    This could also have something to do with my appreciation for Jessie Ware. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe.
  13. A man with a great sense of humor
    There is nothing sexier to me
  14. Nightclubs
    I know it's not cool to admit it but I love to have a good fist pump in a slutty dress every now and then
  15. When I try to FaceTime my mum and "connecting.." comes up on the screen
    She's always in an area of our house with a bad wifi connection & I always need to ask her something really important like if I should go to the gym when it's raining out
  16. Blue lipstick & chockers
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    I'm a 90's bitch
  17. Being a basic bitch and proud
    After making this list I realize that I'm horrendously basic but I kind of don't care cause YOLO, imma do me, spread love not hate ❤️🌺🌸✌️💁 oh god someone shoot me
  18. Suggested by @miggles36
  19. Lamps
    Suggested by @SorchaRichardson