This academy award-winning filmmaker takes a unique approach to directing his actors. Working with him has been "a really creative, collaborative experience."
  1. "You better go home and get your shit together."
  2. "Go home. And DON'T stay for lunch."
  3. "The only time you are ever convincing is at lunch."
  4. "Are you really going to say it like that?"
  5. "The question is, is there anything you CAN do?"
  6. "Everything you are doing with your face, your body, and your voice, don't do that."
  7. "Why don't you just focus on your fucked up acting?"
  8. Please note: my feelings were not hurt in the making of this list. Steven Soderbergh and I share a healthy sense of humor. I can stay for lunch if I really want to. Rest easy, list makers!
  9. "If this scene doesn't work, the show is going to suck"
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