Homesick complaints on St. Patrick's Day from an Irish girl just trying to be herself in Los Angeles.
  1. Being casually drunk
    I miss this being acceptable
  2. Having casually drunk friends
    Everyone here is sober
  3. Being able to fall over a lot on a night out and not be judged for it
    People! This is an accomplishment! The fact that you can still get up is something to be celebrated.. With another drink!
  4. Using terms such as; "on the lash", "on the piss", "on the tear", "absolutely brained it", "fuckin' minger", "the state of yer one", "havin' a wee frig", "flick yer bean."
  5. Chanting. Anywhere. Anytime. At a football match, in a bar, on a bus, during class, in the girls bathroom while you're on the pot.
    Uggy Uggy Uggy! Oi! Oi! Oi! Uggy Uggy Uggy! Oi! Oi! Oi! Uggy! Oi! Uggy! Oi! Uggy Uggy Uggy! Oi! Oi! Oi!
  6. Westlife
    The greatest boy band of all time.
  7. Irish butter, Irish bread, Irish milk, Irish potatoes, Irish beef, Irish bacon, Irish ham.
  8. Calling items by their real name.
    Sweets not candy. Crisps not chips. Jumpers not sweaters. Johnnys not rubbers.
  9. Curry chips at 3am after a few pints with the lads at the pub.
    Chips not fries.
  10. The beautiful Irish Sea.
  11. This wet dog.
    Because he's just the best and I miss him.