Requested by @sophia
Spirit Animal: Noun. A representation of the traits and skills that depict who you are. Some peoples' spirit animals are actual animals. My spirit animals are mostly nail polish names & 90s boy bands.
  1. Do you "literally die" every time said spirit animal is mentioned, seen or witnessed?
    Person 1: OMG look at Olivia Pope's perfect outfit. Person 2: I know right? Her white Armani trench coat is literally my spirit animal.
  2. Does said spirit animal force you to make rash decisions against your better judgement?
    Person 1: I hate the color green but Essie just HAD to name this nail polish "Where's My Chauffeur" so now I feel like I need to get it. Person 2: So true. "Where's My Chauffeur" is my spirit animal. I bought 389 bottles of it but I've never worn it because I don't like the color.
  3. Are you overwhelmed with laughter, happiness or any other positive emotion when you're around said spirit animal?
    Person 1: I can't stop reading #BarelyBlair on HelloGiggles. It's so amazing. Person 2: It's the funniest thing I've ever read. #BarelyBlair knows every detail of my life and illustrates it perfectly without even knowing I exist. She's my spirit animal.
  4. Do you find you relate to said spirit animal on a higher level of being?
    Person 1: Ugh, I got another parking ticket. I think it's because I parked in the "no parking" zone, but idk. Person 2: That's so weird. Why would they give you a parking ticket for just trying to live your life? Your parking decision making process is my spirit animal.
  5. If you related to any or all of the above statements, I think we both know that you know that I know what your spirit animals are.
    If you still have trouble identifying them, they will probably manifest themselves in the form of a Starbucks drink order or the name of an Uber driver.