No one believes me but I promise it's true 💁
  1. It's on season 17
    It's basically as old as I am (jk add 9 years 👵)
  2. Alliance names
    Every alliance has a super creative name, and sometimes I wonder if coming up with Big Brother alliance names could be my full time job. Example famous alliances of seasons past include: Chilltown, The Quack Pack, The Moving Company, The Brigade, The Hitmen
  3. Julie Chen
    Spirit. Animal. 🙌💯✌️
  4. The Big Brother House
    The house guests are trapped in the BB house for the entire summer, and for the last 16 years I literally thought it was a house. Then I read a *~FaN BLoG~* that said the BB house is actually a stage on the CBS lot and my entire life turned upside down.
  5. Big Brother Terminology
    Showmances (romances during the show) are my personal fave because they're always couples who would never speak IRL but when you're trapped in a house with 12 people for an entire summer *ThiNgs GeT ReAL*
  6. It's on 3 times a week
    There's always a new episode to watch so you literally don't have to ever watch anything else. #cult
  7. Live Feeds
    For $9.99 a month, you can subscribe to the Big Brother live feeds, which are legit live camera feeds from inside the Big Brother house. Sometimes it gets awkward watching the houseguests wash their dishes and apply eyeshadow, but you can literally know what is happening at all moments in the game without ever having to tune in live to watch the edited down episodes
  8. Twitter Feuds
    All of the houseguests from seasons past hate each other and have public fights on Twitter. It's the most entertaining part of Twitter and if you're not following along, you're missing out in a #major way