(I would know)
  1. Switching from one Beyonce song to another Beyoncé song every 3 minutes and not caring about anything else that is happening on the road
  2. Not having the patience to sit at a stop sign
  3. Dropping your phone on the floor of your car and reaching down to get it while driving
  4. Opening and closing your sunroof every time an embarrassing song is playing on your Spotify
  5. Making a turn while a truck is driving towards you and not stopping even though you're definitely going to get hit
  6. Refusing to learn how to parallel park and then subsequently having an entire sidewalk of strangers cheering for you as you spend 25 minutes trying to parallel park
  7. Scratching your car on parking garage pillars every time you park and blatantly not noticing until someone asks why you have 450 dents/scrapes on your car
  8. Being told you should probably take an uber somewhere for safety reasons when you're 100% sober, due to your very low driving skillset