This might be the longest list I've ever made 💁
  1. When my water bottle is less than 75% full
  2. Putting gas in my car
  3. Being somewhere without lip balm readily accessible
  4. Chipped nail polish
  5. Being dehydrated
  6. People staring at me and @Hilary for extended periods of time before asking if we're twins
  7. Split ends
  8. Politely saying "no thanks" to the perfume sales people at Bloomingdales
  9. Parking
  10. Parallel parking
    Literally have never successfully parallel parked in my life ✌️
  11. Any form of driving
  12. When I can't find the perfect Beyonce song on my spotify playlist
  13. Wondering if the cleaning lady judges me
  14. The scene in Clueless when Travis gives his speech thanking LA city bus drivers
  15. Tweeting something mildly offensive and waiting to see if there will be backlash
  16. Being in a group text and not reading all of the names in the group before responding
  17. The subway
    I. Literally. Can't.
  18. Not wearing makeup
  19. Being separated from my eyebrow lady for an extended period of time
  20. Pre-packaged grocery store bagels
  21. Salad that isn't chopped
  22. When I quote Mean Girls and no one gets the reference
  23. Kitten heels
  24. Being separated from @Hilary for more than two seconds 💁🆘
    Suggested by @Hilary
  25. Mice
    Suggested by @naveen