If you've just finished binge watching house of cards then this list is for you
  1. Parks and Rec
    An unashamedly positive show about local government. Not only is the writing hilarious but the cast (and guest stars) are amazing too. Plus it's not often you see people so passionate about what they do on television.
  2. The Thick of It
    Ok so this show may make you despair a little but I personally take great solace in the idea that there's someone like Malcolm Tucker out there keeping our MPs in line
  3. The West Wing
    Often called one of the best shows ever made and if you've ever watched it you'll know why. Set in the, you guessed it, West wing, it follows the staff of president Bartlett (Martin Sheen) as they try and run the country. It's nice to pretend that Josh and CJ are in the White House right now because there's no way they'd let Trump get anywhere close.