Add your own (whilst we still have freedom of speech)
  1. Deciding that since you missed the bus you're never going to go to school ever again
  2. Deciding that since they don't have iced tea you're going to order 15 tequila shots
  3. Deciding that since you're out of plain flour you're going to make those cupcakes using crack cocaine instead
  4. Deciding that since your boss didn't promote you you're going to move to the central african republic and set up a roadside stall selling only seedless grapes
  5. Deciding that since you can't vote for a socialist who wants to improve quality of life for the poorest citizens and make the economy more fair you're going to vote for a racist, misogynistic, volatile asswipe who thinks poor people are idiots who deserve poverty and anyone who doesn't look and act a certain way isn't worth his time