1. 💁🏼
    The Sass. I don't know if it was intended to be this way, but I love that it is now universally recognized as such.
  2. 💖
    The Sparkly Pink Heart. Obviously the cutest and most Disney of the hearts. Also, I love pink.
  3. 🙂
    The Screaming-Internally. I don't know if everyone reads it this way but I do. As a person who works at Disneyland, it's incredibly useful, since we are told to be polite even when people are screaming in our faces.
  4. 🍑
    The Peach. It's my favorite fruit. It's cute. Yup.
  5. 🔮
    The Crystal Ball. I guarantee if you have this in your Instagram bio I'm gonna think you're interesting.
  6. 💒
    The Chapel of Love. GOIN TO THE CHAPEL AND WE'RE GONNA GET MAAARRIED! I'm sorry it's just really cute and whoever made it is cute.
  7. The Pixie Dust. That's definitely what it is. Don't question me, I'm a professional.
  8. 👯
    The Playboy Bunnies? I don't know, but I like them and this is the best BFF emoji ever.
  9. 😎
    The Sunglasses. For obvious reasons.
  10. 💪🏼
    The Buff Arm. Females are strong as hell.