Inspired by @ClaireAmada . Alternative careers that I think I could have had the potential to be good at, but I never followed through on these interests because of naivety in undergrad or fear; and later in my 20s, due to sunken costs into my current career/work field.
  1. Interior Designer
    I just follow the pretty blogs instead
  2. Graphic Designer
    I volunteer as the VP of Marketing and communications for graduate professional counsel to get this need satisfied.
  3. Historian
    I was really great at memorizing historical details for large swaths of Chinese and Russian communist history and undergraduate university. At the time I was just happy to pass those final exams; but now I think maybe I could've use that account elsewhere? I do have a love of British royal history for the Tudors age and war of the roses, as well as the Victorian era... oh well perhaps in an alternative universe, another life…
  4. Some organizational position in movies or television. I really love storytelling in these two mediums, but perhaps it's just better left for my entertainment purposes?
    I also have a knack for memorizing storylines for interesting characters over many, many seasons.