I'm in graduate school/career limbo (and not of my own choosing), so let's hope this shit gets better
  1. Get back to my home city
    It will be nice to feel connected again... "Boston you're my hommmmmme"🎶
  2. Decreasing my debt
    Gawwwwwd I messed up my financial situation. Stupid grad school.
  3. The White Princess
    Yessssss! I love the original Starz mini-series The White Queen. Also the reemergence of #KatelynStark !
  4. Vinyl Player
    It's all I want, good sounding music.
  5. Minimalism
    Trashing all the crap from this portion of my life and moving on to happier things
  6. Getting my first tattoo
    Finally out of grad school and away from ideas of "professionalism"
  7. Streaking my hair.
    Just one awesome streak of silver, lilac, or ice blue. Wooooo escaping pseudo-professionalism bullshit!!
  8. What are you all looking forward to?