Stopped for one reason or another. May or may not return to them.
  1. The Wire.
    I know, treason. But I've been looking for an escape in my tv in the last decade of my life and this hits a nerve on the inequality in our country... oy.
  2. Bunheads
    Only have seen the first episode, but MEH. Maybe I will finish just to keep up with the @gilmoreguys podcast.
  3. Modern Family
    It had its heyday (sp?) but the jokes are repetitive. I like a show that can walk away when it has nothing left/new to say, but they probably are making hella money.
  4. Once Upon a Time
    After the first 2 seasons and the major reconciliation of the main family, it was no longer interesting.
  5. The Walking Dead
    The storytelling quality was too variable; got sick of being disappointed.