Inspired by many other users
  1. Boy Meets World
    The true and perfect classic in the eyes of my younger brother and I. Hit the perfect balance between comedy and life lessons to be learned... and the bizarre Eric in later seasons 🤗.
  2. Saved by the Bell
    I watched them ALL, the Ms. Bliss early run, the classic run, the summer episodes, the Tory year (wtf was that???), the College Years, the Vegas marriage series ending. ALL. OF. THEM.
  3. Beverly Hills 90210
    The ORIGINAL is the only one I will recognize.
  4. Step by Step
  5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    For half my life I wanted to be witch (Bewitched, Charmed, this show...). Ok I still want to be a witch.
  6. Full House
    Please excuse my younger taste or lack thereof 🙄. Ok I REALLY liked that the Olsen twins played a character named Michelle.
  7. Sister sister
    Tia & Tamara Mowry!
  8. Clueless
  9. Growing Pains
  10. Friends
  11. Smart Guy
    "He's a smart guy, smart guy..."🎶
  12. That 70s Show
    Perfect time capsule. Another love of my younger brother & I.
  13. Gilmore Girls
  14. Ugly Betty
    'Twas lovely and the positive body image show just slight ahead of its time, and very much what I needed in my emerging teens.
  15. How I Met Your Mother
    Those last few seasons were rough 😕 but we needed to know the mother!!!
  16. Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23
    Not enough people know about this comedic gem. A bitting comedy perhaps a few years ahead of its time.
  17. Happy Endings
    Just like 1-2 years ahead of its time, lost in the roughy transition where the networks did not know what to do in losing audiences to streaming and therefore cut off a great thing too soon - not knowing the the small love audience numbers were a trend to stay across the board. If only it hit later the millennials would have all caught onto this delight. The rightful heir to the hole left by Friends (better than HIMYM,mentioned earlier in the list). Ok rant done. 😤😬😴
  18. Gossip Girl
    I read the entire book series shortly before the premiere of the tv show and this just hit the alternative story lines I craved/felt were missed opportunities in the book series. "XO XO Gossip Girl 😘"
  19. Mad Men
    Changed what I thought TV could be: silent, slow building, methodical, beautiful.
  20. Breaking Bad
    It redefined the TV story telling simultaneously with Mad Men