Inspired by @ClaireAmada
  1. I had dream about dating a male friend. He has been dating another good friend of mine for two years now. We get along fine and he's not bad looking, but I'm not attracted to him in that way. I think I just want a boyfriend and I'm ready to date again. It's like when Joey dreamed about dating Monica on Friends after she and Chandler get together.
  2. Could I have done better in that session? Am I getting anxious again? The last time I thought to myself "you're a fucking idiot" I was depressed, but I would think it every night when attempting sleep… But I immediately refuted this time and it hasn't happened for months, maybe a year… Progress?
  3. Ahhh I'm moving across the country again in a week! 🙆🏾😬🤑👩🏾‍💻👩🏾‍⚕️👯💃🏾🤗
  4. Given an unreasonable deadline. My CFO agreed it was unreasonable. Still tried, missed it by 2 business hours (Monday at 5pm vs Tuesday at 10am). Missed it because of our OSP officer, I was on time. This project is not even a part of my job description, just a favor to my new work team. Wake at 3am thinking "I hate missing deadlines!! Aghhh!!"
  5. That women who went off on me on the bus because she was too damn loud in a public space and then said I was betraying black women because I didn't agree with her 🙄 because we all got back each other up even when we are wrong. Sorry sis can't help you today 💁🏾, and double pissed because I was defending you to others not 5 minutes earlier