5 weird photos on my phone

I take pictures of everything. I screen shot everything (mainly animals). Needless to say there's a lot of weird shit on my phone.
  1. same
  2. This is Mr. Carlos. He belongs to the owner of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. Carlos hangs out with a pack of dogs. There's a video of him trying to keep up with them but failing. I've watched it over 20 times.
    (the video made me cry)
  3. I met this dude at the petting zoo at Animal Kingdom last week. We hardcore bonded, I swear.
  4. Baby Harlow while he was still being bottle fed. I don't know why we wrapped him up like Snow White, but I'm glad we did.
  5. During my senior year of high school, I had to get "married" and raise an egg child. Her name was Gregg the Egg and she's the Princess of Cartons. I miss her. My stupid husband threw her on the ground after the final day of carrying her around.