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  1. Porn
  2. Social media
  3. Pointless photo editing
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No matter how much you stock up, you go through a LIFETIME supply in a year or less, or things you go through constantly but never see the end of.. Also, things you seem to have an annoying abundance of one day, but 2 days later when you need it there isn't a single one to be found.
  1. Chapstick NEVER seen the end of one. Usually lost before their halfway through.
  2. Lighters Only time I ever had one til the end of it's use, was after acquiring used from someone else.
  3. Bobby pins
    SERIOUSLY confounding. I buy atleast 80 a month; I should be finding these by the dozen around my house and car but I find one stray one 3 times a year- the rest VANISH. I'm starting to suspect some sort of evaporating material scam...
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They're intelligent, funny, and so nuanced they NEVER get old or cease to provide more with every re-watch.
  1. The Office
    My temples throb from trying to summarize what makes this show so monumental...
  2. Fraiser
    What I once LOATHED, I now have a grateful fondness for...
  3. Parks and Recreation
    Makes you love and connect with all people and things that are obnoxious in the U.S.
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