A lot of the time I hear people describing one disaster to another disaster that happened in their day, week, month etc. I rarely hear about the good things that have happened, or even the simple things that help us through out our day. This is a list of some of the things I am grateful for!
  1. My alarm going off.
    I need it to or i'I'll be late
  2. Having milk for cereal
    Who wants dry wetabix?
  3. My friends remembering things.
    I usually am reminding them so I am happy when I don't have to.
  4. Being able to understand something in a different language
    Oh my days, did I just do that!?!?
  5. If a friend texts you hoping you are ok when your sick.
  6. Remembering what page I was on in a book when I forget to mark it.
  7. When that song that has been in my head plays on the radio
  8. When I hear someone on the radio, in a movie or book with the same name as me.
    I'm famous!!!
  9. My mam not leaving the key in the door so I can get in.
  10. When I find change at the bottom of my bag.
    Food, here I come
  11. My clothes being warm after being in the radiator.
  12. And finally, when you can do a silly dance to your favourite song but you know your friends won't judge.
    Everyone needs to do it once and a while. It make you feel so good.