(Inspired by @taylorgill11)
  1. 🔜
    Okay what the fuck? This is so sinister. SOON WHAT?
  2. 💉
    I mean, I've personally never had to draw anyone's blood, so the only times I've used this is when I'm threatening my friends.
  3. 🔪
    I could use this when referencing cooking, but I don't.
  4. 🙃
    In what context is this even used? "I've been possessed! 🙃🙃🙃" ?
  5. 👹
    It's leering at me.
  6. 👣
    Why are they red? Were this person's feet covered in BLOOD?
  7. 🐖
    The realistic animals just make me really uncomfortable.
  8. How often is this needed? Hopefully very rarely.