1. Think a thought in your head but then say the last word or two out loud when you're alone?
  2. Go to the store to get a very specific type of ice cream at 11 PM?
  3. Wonder why some words in the English language have stupid plurals?
  4. And then get lost in Wikipedia after looking up those words?
  5. Sit down to watch one episode of a new tv show and then realize it's the next day and that you've now watched two whole seasons and you also have to pee really badly?
  6. Read a bad horoscope and then scour the Internet to find a more positive one?
    (Even when you don't really believe in those?)
  7. Find yourself in a group texting nightmare and wonder how you can politely get out of it?
  8. Panic that you forgot to lock a door?
    And then it's literally all you can think about, even though Jane the Virgin is on?