A love story
  1. I'm moving across the country soon
  2. Which is mostly really super exciting
  3. But it also means that I'm leaving home
  4. For reals
    (My parents moved out of my childhood home a few years ago, but they're still in the same city--and I've been living with them for the past six months)
  5. I've left before
    For college and grad school
  6. But it's different this time
  7. There are no defined breaks
  8. And most of the things I don't bring with me, things from my childhood, will be thrown out or donated
  9. So packing is a nightmare
  10. What do I need immediately?
  11. What will I want with me down the line?
  12. Clothing is simple
    Piece of cake
  13. But I have a lot of weird shit
    It's not useful, but I want it
  14. And I get that I should be living simply and not hoarding
  15. But in the words of Tom Haverford, "Things? Things are forever."
  16. Also I'm flying, which presents its own challenges
  17. And my parents will ship things, but not many things
  18. Does anyone have any tips?
  19. Advice?
  20. Words of encouragement?
  21. COME AT ME