1. Sure, it makes sense that the first time I ever forget my credit card at a restaurant is when I have to be on a ferry in an hour and a half
  2. And also that I am now 45 minutes away from my credit card
  3. Okay so I technically could do this
  4. Get the fuck out of my way
  5. I want to go home tonight
  6. I wonder if any cops are out today
  7. But if I don't speed, I won't make it anyway, so I'm gonna go for it
  8. How far over 55mph is acceptable?
  9. We're just gonna go 70.
  10. This is fine
  11. This is not reckless
  12. Okay I am in Bellingham
  13. Give me my card thanks byeeeee
  14. Why is this restaurant in the middle of downtown
  15. Get me to I-5
  16. Let's go 90mph
  17. That's okay right
  18. That seems like a nice sunset but who the fuck honestly cares
  19. I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make it
  20. Yes, please, go very slow.
  21. Who hurt you
  22. Who taught you to think this would be okag
  23. I might not make it
  24. Oh my god
  25. The ferry
  26. I see it
  27. I made it you guys
  28. I'm almost home