Classic Internet Videos Nobody Talks About Anymore

Given the immeasurable fervor with which the Internet consumes media, it's no wonder these fine examples of "early" web media have been lost in the churning seas of Internet time eternal. Most of these predate the dawn of YouTube, or at least the YouTube era of the web, and were thus difficult to come by and known chiefly through word of mouth.
  1. Yatta! In 1999, the only way to watch this video was to download it from an MIT student's web space. This Japanese sketch comedy skit seemed 100% legitimate to me and my friends at the time. Billed as a hit music video from a new J-Pop Boyband sensation, Yatta! defied our collective comprehension. Discovering in college that it was, in fact, a parody lessened the fun a somewhat, but nothing will ever take away the magic of those initial viewings in High School Physics.
  2. Kids Show (Wonder Showzen Pilot) Another one of those "is this legit?" sort of videos, Kid's Show was billed as the failed pilot of a new children's TV show created by somebody with good intentions but a twisted notion of age-appropriate content. In reality it was a pilot for what would become MTV's Wonder Showzen, which was something of a relief to learn. Some college friends and I still quote parts of this one today.
  3. Cautionary Tales of Swords A Channel 101 classic. The often heralded community of original web series produced many gems in its glory days, but this was always my favorite thing to come out of that site. The video series transitioned to YouTube when Channel 101 did, and was arguably the easiest thing on this list to find, both then and now.
  4. Sockbaby See Also: Still one of my all time favorite web video series. Another pre-YouTube gem conceived by some excellent minds that was notable for its unique style of absurdity, loads of heart, and production values that were high for the time and medium, yet still paled compared to those of the big budget movie this series clearly aspired to be.