1. Underwear. I am currently looking for THE BEST...so I might find 10 different pairs to try...and then list them on Listapp in order of greatness.
  2. Shopkins for my kids. 10 pkgs.... Which they could list for me in order of awesomeness...on Listapp
  3. 10 vegetables....so I could make an awesome salad...which I could then rank ingredient wise on Listapp
  4. 10 new items for our bedroom...because who doesn't like new sheets and pillows.
  5. 10 interchangeable outfit pieces....in the hope that by mixing Jen they'd last longer than the three weeks they usually keep their size and shape.
  6. 10 cups of Starbucks Pike Place on 10 different days...making lists for Listapp with each one.
  7. 10 cleaning tools...including a Dyson which I haven't been able to get a mortgage for yet.
  8. 10 hot wheels cars....because I'm still 10 on some days...my kids and I love playing matchbox cars.
  9. 10 cd's. Basically....I'm a 90's kid so I like cd artwork.
  10. 10 kinds of headphones....did I mention podcasts are my chosen peer group?