This list MUST be made.
  1. Soft skin...I always look forward to a touch and kiss. I look at her all the time. She's delicious.
  2. Conversations I need and treasure. Dating was hell till I met her. Honestly, it is one of my life's greatest rewards.
  3. She knows what she actually wants in most situations. THIS is essential for making decisions. My blood pressure rejoices.
  4. Tenderness with our kids. She says the same thing I would but without sounding like a drill Sargent like I do. My blue collar work communication experience is hardest to shake when I'm trying to be firm about a decision. My next list will be things I hate about my communication style.
  5. She is sensual...which is to say she likes being a woman and that is more than half the enjoyment in being a man.
  6. Her smile. Honestly, she smiles a lot and I think it makes our kids, and me, an order of magnitude happier people.
  7. She likes coffee. When you share a vice it makes it so normal. If methamphetamine and caffeine are corollary in effect....we're making and using this sweet nectar like binge junkies at a flophouse.
  8. She's fit. So she will disagree with this, but the reality is she is healthy and enjoys exercise. Magazines be damned, she is strong and able to enjoy life. Don't take our pictures naked, unless you want to be terrified. We'll keep living anyway.
  9. She overlooks my faults and tells me she's confident in my strengths. When a man's wife believes in him....all else can rot. If a man's wife doesn't believe in him....he will wither, leave, or stay and then find another who does see his strengths.
  10. She's pregnant with our third child. BOOM. I could not be happier as a man. She's worth another 100 reasons, but I need to stop typing this to hold more clothes on our Target shopping trip. For all the uncertainty in life, without a doubt, I married up.