This is where I describe the worst people types I know using nicknames
  1. Douchbag McGee
    The worst and most incessant peice of shit whom believes they are good or amazing or simply the best. They think they are God's little package. A real little treat and an overachiever. They are NEVER wrong just never. That's what they say.
  2. Slutty Sally
    "Omg have you heard the newest song by skrilmouse Minaj, we no not that one that was soooooo yesterday". That kind of person.
  3. Ian's
    They are bullies who think that they are not bullies and they are never ever the source of the problem at least that's what they will tell you.
  4. Mara's
    The kind of person who doesn't want to be noticed and they have to be normal and fit in and they keep up with the animoos. They are needs that hold no form of self respect or originality.
  5. The Ostrich of the peacock crowd.
    The person who have to be noticed. The complete opposite of a mara. They have to be unique. "Omg have you heard about kale. So awesome I love kale". And then two days later. "Oh kale. I removed when it wasn't even mainstream". "Omg god that is LITTERALLY me hahahaha" that kind of person.