Requested by @grapelists
This list is almost the same as my guilty pleasures
  1. A Cinderella Story
    Rotten tomatoes rated this at 11% but I don't care what they think
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. (500) days of summer
  4. Bridesmaids
    I will never love anyone the way I love Kristen Wiig
  5. She's the Man
    Amanda Bynes in her glory days
  6. Juno
    The soundtrack is cute and something about this one makes me want to cry at the happy parts
  7. Footloose
    The old one, obviously. Actually any movie with a montage of dancing or someone learning to dance is one I will watch
  8. The Princess Diaries
    I like this one because my friends all tell me I look like the "before" Anne Hathaway and her transformation makeover gives me hope
  9. Million Dollar Baby
  10. Steel Magnolias
    No scene has ever affected me more powerfully as a kid than Sally Field's breakdown in the cemetery