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Is there a guidebook for people who are deciding whether to shame or not?
  1. Parent of 3 year old at Cincinnati zoo. Shame.
  2. Parents of Omar Mateen. No shame, yet.
  3. Affluenza Texas teen. Shame. Deserved. She was complicit.
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  1. Stop referring to every new company as the "uber" or "netflix" of something.
  2. Stop crowdsourcing judicial sentences or verdicts.
  3. Stop comparing sports teams of today to sports teams of yesteryear.
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  1. I don't have time for your petty grievances.
  2. I don't need your opinion on every freaking news story.
  3. It is and has been a massive time suck. Life is too short.
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I do lots of presentations at work and at conferences. I used to be scared to death the audience woyld think I was a poser or fraud. my time in grad school at the Conway School gave me all the tools I need to give effective presentations and have fun doing it.
  1. Don't bombard with meaningless facts, figures, and percentages.
  2. Do tell stories and personalize them.
  3. Don't talk TO the audience. Talk WITH them. Ask them questions.
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For 7 or so years, this town was home...or at least a stop on this journey. during that stop I discovered some amazing food.
  1. Homeland Dairy - their milk, the butter, and, definitely the ice cream. I always looked forward to getting our milk on Saturdays from Bryan at the Curb Market.
  2. Neese's Bacon. Second to none in my book.
  3. The "Homemade Biscuits" from Town & Country Market. The market itself is a gem, selling mostly local products, but them biscuits are the best since Grandma's.
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partial list, of course. these are just top of mind.
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  2. 2.
    N. Umpqua
  3. 3.
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