Food and Greensboro

For 7 or so years, this town was home...or at least a stop on this journey. during that stop I discovered some amazing food.
  1. Homeland Dairy - their milk, the butter, and, definitely the ice cream. I always looked forward to getting our milk on Saturdays from Bryan at the Curb Market.
  2. Neese's Bacon. Second to none in my book.
  3. The "Homemade Biscuits" from Town & Country Market. The market itself is a gem, selling mostly local products, but them biscuits are the best since Grandma's.
  4. For a while Fincastle's opened for breakfast and Jody and his mom made the most amazing french toast with Brulee.
  5. Frankie's tacos aka El Camino Real. It was fun be cong friends with the owner Frankie at this place.
  6. Peanut butter pie at Lucky 32. Proof God loves me.
  7. Buffalo fries at Hops Burger bar. I'm not a fan of blue cheese in general, but these fries were Crack to me.
  8. Cheesecakes from Alex. Still the best.
  9. The Wall of Beer. Every city should have one, but this is the best one.
  10. Donut World. Because Krispy Kreme is NOT donuts to this West Coast guy.