I can't sleep because finals week stress, so here are a few of my most embarrassing moments. If anyone wants to share their own embarrassing moments, please do so! Let's all revel in our embarrassment and shame.
  1. I was interviewed by an NPR reporter after sobbing through the entirety of The Fault In Our Stars
    I won free tickets to a preview and went alone because SAD MOVIE. So I cried throughout the whole thing. Credits roll, applause throughout the theater- I hear the voice next to me say, "Hi I'm Neda Ulaby from NPR. Could I interview you?" I am horrible at saying no, so I agreed. I was literally incoherent. I couldn't think of a synonym for "really good". Apparently, many of my friends and family listen to NPR...😣
  2. I made airplane noises while eating lunch in middle school
    I was a weird child. Honestly, I thought I was thinking of the sound in my head, but then I realized people were staring. That's really it, though my best friend in high school reminded me of the incident every day. Needless to say, we're not friends anymore.
  3. Peed my pants in first grade science
    Too anxious to ask to go to the bathroom! I still get anxious about this, so I always go before class. (I don't even have to ask anymore, since I'm in college, but I don't like missing pertinent information.)
  4. My glasses fogged up while talking to a cute guy
    I have social anxiety and blush whenever I talk to non-friends AND I wear glasses. I fixed this by only putting on my glasses when class starts, but I still dream of a day when I my face doesn't go tomato red when I talk in public.
  5. Chemistry teacher accused me and my friend of cheating on homework (OPEN NOTE HOMEWORK) in front of the entire class in high school
    Many people don't know this, but I transferred from my old high school back to my pre-k through 12th grade school because of this incident. This was such horrible treatment, and the ordeal took a toll on my mental health. I've repressed the fact that this happened. I still can't believe that a teacher would break confidentiality like that. He apologized eventually, but it was too late. Back to the land of rich, white assholes, aka private non-Catholic school.
  6. Many other things that really aren't embarrassing to most, but are to me because of my anxiety
    I get embarrassed about little things and big things. The little things do get me, which I am working on. It's difficult to not worry over the little things, but I think the act of trying is commendable for me. *takes a deep breath*