I know this is going to be #controversial & long, but every song has a purpose and is excellent. However, some songs are better than others. Some songs I skip sometimes, but that's mainly personal preference. Also, the top 30 songs are all number one in my heart.
  1. Hurricane
    I only skip this song when listening to the whole album because Hamilton is a dumbass, and I don't give a shit about his reasoning for being an absolute idiot. I do love the note in transition to The Reynolds Pamphlet. It's like you're holding your breath, praying he doesn't do anything stupid (spoiler: he does something stupid).
  2. We Know
    Once again, nothing particularly wrong with this song.
  3. Schuyler Defeated
    See above. I do love the transition into Cabinet Battle #2.
  4. The Story of Tonight
    There is nothing wrong with this song. It's just too short, and I'd rather skip this to listen to the Schuyler Sisters slay.
  5. Best of Wives, Best of Women
    Short, sweet reiteration of the theme in It's Quiet Uptown.
  6. Meet Me Inside
    Nothing bad about this song. It's just my preference.
  7. I Know Him
    Groffsauce is so great. This is, in my opinion, the weaker of the King George III songs. Still great.
  8. The Adams Administration
    This is relatively high due to one of my favorite lines, "sit down, John, YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKER!"
  9. The Reynolds Pamphlet
    Fun fun fun song. A. Ham is kinda dumb, and this song is funny. Also, last funny song before we enter the sad part of the musical.
  10. The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
    Anthony Ramos singing "and if the tomcat can get married" is so good. SO GOOD.
  11. A Winter's Ball
    "We're both reliable with the ladies!" Legit one of the funniest lines in the whole musical.
  12. What Comes Next?
    Mainly up this high due to "Awesome! Wow!"
  13. Stay Alive (Reprise)
    Sad sad sadness.
  14. Say No To This
    I usually skip this song out of respect for Mrs. Hamilton, in the words of @unfoRETTAble, but can we talk about Jasmine Cephas Jones's high E flat/E???????
  15. That Would Be Enough
    I believe this is the first time I cried while listening to the album. The pain in their voices!! So good! And sad!
  16. Stay Alive
    Can I just say that Phillipa Soo's voice is so angelic and beautiful and I'd marry it if it was a tangible thing?
  17. Blow Us All Away
    Great song, hilarious Jersey burn, sad ending.
  18. Right Hand Man
    This song gets me so pumped. Great build-up, especially in introducing Washington and when he introduces A. Ham as his right hand man.
  19. Dear Theodosia
    Actual emoji based off of me when listening to this song: 😭
  20. Election of 1800
    A great example of one of Daveed Diggs's "whaaaaat" in the album.
  21. Aaron Burr, Sir
    Great intro to most of the main characters. Love how they say, "showtime showtime!" Reminds me of the D train. Plus, "lock up your daughters and horses" is a GREAT line.
  22. Cabinet Battle #2
    I love how the tension and animosity between A. Ham and Jefferson has escalated since the last rap battle. Also, Hamilton's rap is so good. ("You must be outta your GODDAMN MIND")
  23. Cabinet Battle #1
    I feel like this is the better between the two, mainly due to length and how Jefferson is so much more sure of himself in this song. Of course, our Hamilton wins this one, but everyone's a winner b/c this song exists.
  24. Take a Break
    First of all, Hamilton compares himself to Hamlet, which I think would also make a great subtitle for this musical - Hamilton: he compares himself to Hamlet. Also, the harmony of Renee Elise Goldsberry's and Phillipa Soo's voices takes this song to the next level.
  25. Washington On Your Side
    Love the harmonies on this song too. Daveed Diggs is also ridiculous in this song, which is great. Also, "motherfucking democratic-republicans!"
  26. History Has Its Eyes On You
    Fantastic, short, sweet song, helmed by the majestic Chris Jackson.
  27. You'll Be Back
    Groffsauce's comedic timing is great, and his voice makes me thank God for my life.
  28. Ten Duel Commandments
    Foreshadowing! I highly recommend watching the #Ham4Ham show on September 11th, where the whole company performs the song. It's truly spectacular.
  29. The World Was Wide Enough
    Ham's verse right before he gets shot/while he's dying (I assume?) is so well-paced. Leslie Odom Jr. in this song is something else. His frustration and anger from Your Obedient Servant continues into this song, and its contrast with his calm demeanor at the beginning of the musical is character development at its best.
  30. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
    There's a clip of the performance on YouTube (not a bootleg: I think it was promotion at one point?) and it somehow matches how I imagine the performance in my head. Many things going on at once, but it all goes together. I also must commend the string section during the battle in this song. They are the real heroes.
  31. What'd I Miss
    Act II rightfully begins in an upbeat, jazzy way. Did I mention how much I love Daveed Diggs? Thomas Jefferson is so sure of himself, even a bit of a pompous ass (whom we love). It's just such a fun, well-composed song.
  32. Guns and Ships
    See above. Marquis. de. Motherf*ing. Lafayette. How does he do it??? HOW??????
  33. Helpless
    This is the song I sing in the shower on happy days. This song is how I imagine what driving in a convertible in the countryside is like. So much pure joy and happiness, wonderfully executed by Phillipa Soo.
  34. Burn
    The only reason why this is above Helpless is due to the fact that I am so astounded how a person who can exude such joy can also exude so much anger and PAIN. I put pain in caps because I feel the PAIN in her voice. And wow it is so much pain.
  35. It's Quiet Uptown
    Never, I repeat NEVER, listen to this song in public. You will cry. We all cry. So much cry. I am crying just thinking about this song. I'll leave you with this: "forgiveness: can you imagine?"
  36. One Last Time
    Chris Jackson really is the cross between Mufasa and John Legend. (Check out the annotated lyrics in Right Hand Man, I believe, for the reference). There's sense of strength and gentleness. I love his voice towards the end, exemplifying vocal control through his runs.
  37. Satisfied
    Have I gone into great detail as to why Renee Elise Goldsberry is the queen? 1. She has the voice of an angel. 2. She can rap as well as she can sing. 3. She emotes so well in her singing. 4. HOW IS SHE IN HER 40's?????? Have you seen her arms? I wonder if my arms will ever look half as good as hers. But I digress. Angelica Schuyler is all of our queens, whom we must bow down to. She is so selfless because she loves her sister. I JUST CAN'T.
  38. Schuyler Sisters
    The harmonies. The Thomas Jefferson reference. The drum beat at the beginning of the song. The practical perfection of this entire song. I'd also like to point out Jasmine's (aka Peggy) great harmonies in this song. Poor Peggy Schuyler. We hardly knew ye.
  39. Your Obedient Servant
    I love how this song is in 6/8 (or 3/4) because it has a different feel from most of the other songs. At the beginning of the song, the strings, piano, and percussion convey the constrained anger Burr has been holding onto for decades. Then, it goes into a little dance between Ham and Burr. There's anger, humor, and a wonderful use of the string section.
  40. Farmer Refuted
    This has THE BEST use of wordplay. The dueling words, if I may, between Seabury and Ham are quite incredible. This song made me fall in love with the album, especially, "don't modulate the key and not debate with me." Overall, I think this has the most clever use of words in the entire album.
  41. Alexander Hamilton
    Okay, I'd like to preface that all of these songs are perfection. Any of these next songs could be the best. This is the song that started it all. It makes history sound so cool. Jefferson has a line about slavery! Dual meaning towards the end! Amazing buildup from start to finish! It's just so good, great, perfect.
  42. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
    Ah, my Les Miz finale-esque song. So many tears. Beautiful singing from Phillipa Soo when Eliza takes over the narration. SHE FOUNDED THE FIRST PRIVATE ORPHANAGE IN NEW YORK CITY. HOW CAN YOU NOT HOLD IN THE TEARS?????
  43. My Shot
    I think I might've dubbed another song the ultimate hype song. If not, then good. This is the ultimate hype song. Alexander Hamilton is sure as hell not throwing away his shot, with his intricate verses and general excitement about everything. What's great about this song is that it is so universal. Everyone wants to succeed, one way or another. Mulligan wanted to socially advance. Laurens said, "f*ck slavery!" Don't throw away your shot and make our Hamilton proud.
  44. Wait for It
    Lin-Manuel Miranda says that this is one of the best songs he's ever written (with the number one song as the other best song). He's definitely right. It has so many amazing lines, Leslie Odom Jr. singing them so perfectly, and a sense of hope and patience and- oh look I'm crying again.
  45. Non-Stop
    I debated for a long time whether or not to put this at number one. I decided not to, for reasons I'll explain at the next point. However, just because it's number two does not mean it's not perfect. It's got the West Side Story quintet, or as Lacamoire says, an all-skate. All of the motifs from Act I come together flawlessly. I get all of the chills towards the end, where we see A. Ham, not throwing away his shot.
  46. The Room Where It Happens
    Is it weird to have an Aaron Burr-centric song as number one? I don't think so. He's the narrator. Sometimes, he doesn't interfere. This is the turning point. He's done with waiting (well, not completely done). He wants his shot. He wants his moment in the sun, in the room where it happens. He steals the show with fantastic showmanship and says what we're all thinking about politics: they may say "democracy", but how come we don't get a say? This song is so important and so damn good.